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Patient Acquisition

Dive into Patient Centered Care

Collaborate & Refer Patients

Present your toughest cases, discuss treatment options, curbside peers for expert advice whenever you need it and get answers in minutes. Send and Receive Patients from other Physician very simply.

Medical Website

Convey a professional image, inspire confidence and build patient trust with your expertly designed, responsive medical website. Let your Patients schedule appointments online, with automatic e-mail and SMS reminders.

Medical Marketing

Advance to the top of internet search engines, grow your practice by engaging new patients with trusted Health information, share content in Facebook, and turn patients into your best source of new referrals with effective e-mail and SMS marketing.

HealthCare Quality Management

Improve the Quality of your Services, and be compliant with international Quality Certification to be able to attract an international pool of Patients. 

Patient Experience

Collaborate and Delight Patients

Electronic Health Records

Get access to your Patients History, with all their Health data in one place. Use ICD-10 CM/PCS. Make evaluations and e-Prescriptions in a fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant Health Platform.

Labs, Imaging & Pharmacy Integration

Order labs or imaging studies and receive results directly within your accounts for free, which means less faxing and scanning for the staff. Precribe medication & Give your patients the convenience they want by sharing results electronically in the patient portal.

Patient Portal

Help your patients play a more active role in their health care with our free patient portal. With Labs, Imaging results and medication instructions in hand, patients can stay on top of your treatment plan without needing to call your practice.


With Hippocrate you can reach more patients from all over the World. Make video consultations &  online payments, and be in the forefront of Medical Tech.

Free EHR | Free EMR

What is a Free EMR ?

An Electronic Health Records software (EHR) is a computerized adaptation of a patient's paper graph. EHRs solution are continuous free software, tolerant focused records that make data accessible in a split second and safely to approved clients. While a EMR software's bill and template contains the medicinal and treatment histories of patients, a medical Free EMR systems framework is worked to go past standard clinical information gathered in a supplier's office and can be comprehensive of a more extensive perspective of a patient's consideration. One of the key components of a software free medical EHR is HIPAA Security, ICD10 CM/PCS and NCBI. 


What is Electronic Medical Records ?

Free EMR Software

Differences between Free Electronic Medical Records and Free Electronic Health Records :

A Free EMR contains the quality medical and clinical knowledge gathered in one provider’s workplace. Free Electronic health records (EHRs)transcend the information collected within the provider’s workplace and embrace a lot of comprehensive patient history.

For example, a web based Free EHR practice software square measure designed to contain and share data from all suppliers concerned in an exceedingly patient’s care. EHR knowledge are often created, managed, and consulted by licensed suppliers and employees from across over one health care organization.

Unlike Free EMRs, Free EHRs conjointly permit a patient’s health electronic record to maneuver with them—to different health care suppliers, specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, and even across states.

An electronic medical history (EMR) may be a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s anamnesis from one observe. associate degree EMR records is generally utilized by suppliers for designation and treatment.

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records :

  • A Free EMR is a lot of helpful than paper records as a result of it permits suppliers to:
  • Track knowledge over time
  • Determine patients UN agency square measure due for preventive visits and screenings
  • Monitor however patients answer to bound parameters, like vaccinations and force per unit area readings
  • Improve overall quality of care in an exceedingly observe

The information keep in EMRs isn't simply shared with suppliers outside of an observe. A patient’s record would possibly even have got to be written out and delivered by mail to specialists and different members of the care team

When Are Free EMR the Right Choice?

I know what you may be thinking: “Why would I pay hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars for an EMR when I can easily get one for free?”

That’s a good point. Implementing an EMR support software can be tricky and time consuming—in fact, some health IT experts actually recommend that first-time users adopt a free system so they can adapt to the technology without making a big investment.

This lets you format the system to fit your exact needs, though the additional customization options can mean it’s more complex for users to set up.

Before fully committing to a free EMR, you should pause to consider if it’s the best choice.

Many thousands of practices/hospitals find the benefits of Free EMR.

Here’s some helpful research to better understand free EMRs:

  • The target customer: Solo, small, midsize and large practices.
  • Major pros: No upfront costs—need I say more?
  • Major cons: No cons.

Why Free EHR | Why Free EMR 

What is an Electronic Health Records (EMR) ?

Guide to Electronic Health Records

Practice Free EMR software can help your Health practice supports higher quality care for patients while creating value for your organization and EHR practice managers. Customized Free EMRs software help doctors improve managing patients care, electronic medical records , billing and provide the Best HealthCare for your Medical Practice by:

  • Better healthcare by enhancing all aspects of patient care, including safety, effectiveness, recording electronic patient-centered care, patient engagement and experience, medical software.
  • Supporting free Better Care by promoting healthier lifestyles, including increased physical activity, better nutrition, bases and reducing behavioral risks with medical records emr.
  • Improved efficiencies by promoting medical expertize and improving coordination of healthcare services, as well as by reducing redundant tests and ehr electronic costs.
  • Better clinical decision by integrating patient data from multiple providers.
  • Improving Doctors revenue by optimizing Patient Scheduling, and decreasing operational costs of your Practice systems.