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Connect, Discuss, Refer a Patient securely and Present your toughest cases to colleagues. Collaborate with other Medical specialists and share your knowledge and experience, in our fully encrypted smart Medical Social Network


A Highly Secure and Scalable Big Data Health Platform, designed for Medical Researchers. Play with our anonymized Health data, MRT, fMRI, Genes, discover behind patterns and improve Patients Treatments with Big Data and Analytics!

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"Hippocrate has a huge social impact, to improve the quality of disease treatments and discovery."

Tom Jackson, Disrupt Africa

"Hippocrate with Spark* is able to analyse the human genome in a few seconds."

Israa Elkhatib, Barakabits

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Hippocrates was selected to present the Best Big Data Health platform in the most prestigious Medical University in the world: Stanford Medical School. We introduced our new research in Health Care Systems and Medical Technology and explained how our solutions can revolutionize the Medical Field at no cost from North America to Africa for a better Health and Patient Information.



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Hippocrates protects your confidential data and documents with advanced encryption, password authentication and security technologies available. This high standard of security ensures that all your authorized users' activities in the cloud-based workspace stay highly confidential, in your total control, are reliably protected and are compliant with ICD10 and SNOMED


Hippocrate Medical Big Data Platform

Why EHR needs Big Data to Improve Health Care?