Why is it Necessary to Implement an EHR?

Why is EHR Software System Considered Important?


Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have been found to be an integral part of the modern healthcare facilities. This innovative health information technology, with Meaningful Use program, enables providers to be eligible for financial incentives!

Why is EHR Software System Considered Important?

EHRs—the digital counterparts of the erstwhile dominant paper-based health records—offer several benefits such as improved care quality, practice efficiency and productivity, patient safety, and ability to meet governmental and public expectations. Major reasons why EHRs are being widely adopted are given below:

  • EHRs describe patients’ health history accurately, enabling the medical professional to make use of the information for offering the best care possible
  • Health information being made accessible to authorized providers helps improve coordination and continuity of care, regardless of where the patient gets treatment
  • Individuals obtain complete health information that enables them to arrive at proper decision about their health
  • Duplication of tests and procedures, as well as medical errors, are eliminated
  • Typos are avoided; administrative costs are reduced

How Health Care Organizations Benefit from EHR Software

  • Patient care is enhanced by
    • Quick and convenient access to patient health record
    • Regular and immediate updates to existing records
    • Pharmaceutical errors caused by illegible handwriting are reduced
    • Automated reminders and alerts for patient-specific requirements
    • Evidence-based guidelines for treatment or diagnostic protocols may be accessed on the spot
  • Practice Efficiency is increased by
    • Reduction in staff downtime
    • Reduction in coded data that leads to prompt claims processing
    • Saving space by avoiding paper charts
    • Automatic generation of documents
    • Public reporting of immunizations and notification about communicable diseases
    • Improved communication in electronic mode
  • Efficiency of Practice is Improved by
    • Easy access to accurate patient record anywhere and at anytime
    • Instant access to numerous diagnostic and procedure codes
    • Simultaneous access to patient charts by multiple providers
    • Quick and perfect creation of graphs and flow sheets for any data such as blood pressure, immunizations, height and weight
    • Automatic import of  lab reports and diagnostic images and discharge summaries directly into patient records
    • Prescription refills and formulary compliance verification are automated

Hippocrate EHR Software has evolved as a complete solution that mitigates data security challenges and provides a secure platform for critical health information!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            source: 75Health