How to Make the Most of EHR Software?

Key Steps to Take Before Implementation


Having decided to go in for the modern Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software, there are certainly important considerations essential before and during implementation – it is not just computerizing of your practice; a complete health information system is being brought in to transform all the processes!

Free EHR Software: Prior to Implementation Steps

The primary goal is to rid your medical practice of paper. A paperless environment is one of the primary objectives. The need to deal with a great lot of paper flowing in and out of the office must be eliminated. Of course, there are several other target accomplishments such as the elimination of redundant processes and wasted steps, improved communication, and efficient workflow.

Qualities Expected of Medical Professionals for Successful EHR Implementation

There are certain characteristics which lead to the efficient implementation of information technology products – more of a human contribution than technological elements. A few of these are listed below:

  • Superior communication
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Capability to handle hindrance and adversity
  • A drive toward continuous improvement and spirit of achievement
  • High problem-solving capacity
  • Flexibility of individuals to go out of their roles and being willing to go the extra mile

What is Essential before Going Live with Your Chosen EHR Software

  • Workstation Set-up
    • If you intend to use workstations, care must be exercised to set up workstations so that interaction with patients and that with the computer can be achieved reasonably well
  • Setting up the Network
    • Accommodation factors need to be handled diligently – sufficient spacing for Ethernet connectors and other devices have to be provided
  • Connectivity with Lab
    • Digital connectivity with labs involved is suggested – although this may be a little expensive, flow of information will justify the costs
  • Power-related Issues
    • Testing the hardware in an extensive manner to ensure reliable working is necessary – battery life needs to be considered
  • Integration with Other Systems such as Practice Management
    • Billing system and practice management had better be integrated with the EHR Software for attaining the highest efficiency

EHR Software offered by Hippocrate has evolved as a complete solution that mitigates data security challenges and errors related to the healthcare industry. Being cloud-based, it offers easy and quick storing as well as retrieval of sensitive personal health information that helps physicians immensely with their care delivery.

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