How to Leverage EHR as Building Block for Key Health Care Initiatives?

EHR – Facts and Figures


It has not been an easy sailing for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software. Initially faced with rampant resistance, EMRs became widely known after the year 2000, has become necessary and nearly universal. Increasing number of health care facilities across the globe have realized the potential of EHRs and started adopting this exclusive health information technology today.

EHR – Facts and Figures

The transition from volume-based payment to care quality-based reimbursement was enforced by MACRA. Recent changes on the physician payment model have necessitated Free EHR Software adoption all over the world.

Nine out of ten physicians operating out of office have been found to have adopted EHRs; a staggering 90% of practices that are eligible for Medicare and Medicare EHR Incentive Program have accomplished meaningful use of certified health IT. In Short, almost 96% of hospitals have adopted CEHRT.

Key Initiatives the Success of Which Depends on EHR Software System

EHRs are essential for achieving the goal of offering improved health care outcomes under reduced costs. Following are a few initiatives that rely on EHRs to succeed:

  • Increased Patient Engagement
    • The willingness of patients to take an active part in their health care and related decisions is found to be a key component in the modern healthcare industry. CMS is taking the initiative to improve rapport between patients and providers through policies and strategies. The patient portal is a crucial vehicle for patient engagement.
  • Evidence-based Medicine
    • Evidence-based medicine has the capability to address effectively the concepts of Triple Aim, namely, improvement of health care outcomes, reducing health care costs, and betterment of care experience. It has become popular in the recent past. This involves three vital health care components: clinical expertise, patients’ preferences and values, and research-based evidence.
    • Being able to access larger real-time data, providers achieve increased knowledge base, thus being able to make information-based decisions.
  • Population Health
    • Shifting toward more quality-based care reimbursement paradigm leads care organizations to sign contracts related to a huge group of people for fixed fees. It is essential to understand the actual population whose care they are supposed to be responsible. Prevention, as well as early detection, are crucial; finding a disease prior to its becoming chronic and expensive to manage is the goal.

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