How to implement the cloud-based EHR?

Cloud-based EHR – the Next Step for Medical Industry


Cloud-based applications are drawing a lot of attention of late- increasingly growing number of practices opt cloud-based EHR since it offers a lot of benefits such as the ability to stay up-to-date, being HIPAA compliant, and anywhere access

How to Increase Productivity and Improve Patient Outcomes with Cloud-based EHR Software

Web-based (or cloud-based, as they are also known) Electronic Health Records Software offers enhanced care quality and increased efficiency to practices through features such as anywhere accessibility, access to critical medical information of patients with a few clicks, and multi-device compatibility.

Being one of the vital applications in the IT portfolio of the medical industry, Cloud-based EHRs render themselves to be integrated with other health IT. With most of the contemporary world going online for every need, web-based Electronic Health Records Software is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Cloud-based EHR – the Next Step for Medical Industry

Current Electronic Health Records Software can either be a cloud-based or client-server type. Server-based type requires a server, hardware, and software installation for the successful running of the application. On the other hand, a cloud-based system allows storing data on external servers and needs just a computer with Internet connection for accessing essential information. There is no doubt about the cloud-based version being the next level in a health record management system.

Benefits of Implementing Cloud-based EHR

  • Different computers and devices and various operating systems are acceptable
  • Several digital devices such as Tablets and iPads can be used for accessing information
  • Highest level of data security is ensured
  • Adaptability to changes in future and technologies
  • Cost of IT investment is reduced
  • Possibility to upgrade and update at all levels
  • Interoperability and interactive features
  • Quick and Convenient data access

Exclusive characteristics of cloud-based EHR Software System

Web-based EHRs include certain exclusive features due to their unique characteristics are given below:

  • On-demand service: All resources from the basic email to vital functions are accessible to every user at any time
  • Agility: Required upgrades can be done and applied over the network in one instance
  • Resource pooling: Same functions and tools may be used at the same time by several users over across the network
  • Broad network and assured access: Availability is assured, as access is location-free and any standardized device may be used, such as PC or tablet
  • Scalability: Unlike traditional systems, cloud-based networks are rather scalable and accommodating; they respond to rapid rise in number of users

What makes Cloud-based EHR tick?

  • Health records are maintained online
  • Error-free processes assure patient safety
  • Alert and appointment services that save time and effort
  • Better decision making enabled by accurate information
  • Hassle-free management of documentation
  • Real-time collaboration among different facilities or specialists

Automating all vital processes in a medical practice by implementing a cloud-based Electronic Health Records Software System ensures the accuracy of information, improved productivity, and increased revenue. Hippocrate EMR web-based EHR enables health care professionals to offer better care.

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